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The Future is NOW & GenH2 is Leading the Hydrogen Revolution

President Bush’s Hydrogen Fuel Initiative launched the acceleration of global collaboration to transform the world’s energy reliance on petroleum to clean-burning hydrogen. 

The current administration and numerous countries have committed to clean energy deadlines, pushing the hydrogen economy to the forefront.

Are You Ready?

30 years of research scientists and engineers optimizing
hydrogen solutions.

GenH2 was founded by experts who have spent most of their careers working for or with NASA, the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE) or commercial energy industry.


Majority of the technologies utilized are NASA inspired or patented, developed at multiple NASA Centers.


Friendly Solutions

GenH2 optimizes numerous
technologies to advance greener solutions.

Modular Design

Components designed for stackable, modular, and
deployable configuration – reducing down-time,
maintenance and upgrade costs.

Easily Portable Solutions

Mass production enables hydrogen solutions to be more accessible. 

Advanced User Experience

Training, continuing education and enhanced user experiences for all solutions.

Unprecedented Performance.

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GenH2 team has earned NASA inventors’ rights from decades of experience delivering high-performance, advanced hydrogen solutions. 


Designs leverage more than 50 patents, majority of them inspired or licensed pending from NASA, combined with years of fabrication, documentation, and training experience.


Solutions utilize proven technology to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Innovative Solutions for the Hydrogen Economy

The hydrogen economy is focused on producing clean green hydrogen energy as a near-zero greenhouse gas emitting alternative source of energy. GenH2 specializes in the development of hydrogen infrastructure solutions for the commercialization of clean hydrogen production, storage, and dispensing of gaseous and liquid hydrogen. We offer small and simple solutions for hydrogen refilling stations.

Offering Green Hydrogen Solutions

Our hydrogen infrastructure company has been researching, engineering, and producing technology solutions in collaboration with experts in the field. Our innovative approaches include end-to-end filling station solutions to generate hydrogen with near-zero CO2 emissions. In addition to setting the highest environmental standards, our company is developing the most advanced concepts revolutionizing the clean energy economy.

Safe Methods of Hydrogen Fueling and Liquid Hydrogen Storage

GenH2’s highest priority is safety and the challenges associated with production, storage, and dispensing of hydrogen. Utilizing our team’s long-standing relationships with NASA and DOD, we have developed sustainable solutions that support safe production and storage of liquid hydrogen on-site.

Our Green Hydrogen Solutions

Our Nasa inspired solutions and patented technology help businesses cut down on environmental hazards associated with using hydrogen. We are a one-stop shop for hydrogen solutions which include:

  • Green hydrogen production solutions through hyrolysis

  • Refrigeration, compression, and zero loss storage solutions

  • Solutions for safe dispensing of hydrogen

Hydrogen Filling Infrastructure

GenH2's on-site hydrogen production, compression, and storage solutions offer a variety of technologies to produce clean hydrogen. We promise our customers optimal and reliable performance.
Our filling station solution comes with attractive modular design features and components that can be implemented in various ways.


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