Global Leaders in Hydrogen Technology

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GenH2 is a leading Hydrogen Infrastructure Company with decades of experience researching, engineering, and producing technology solutions necessary for the Hydrogen Economy. Leveraging years of collaboration with the top hydrogen experts, the company focuses on the commercialization of CO2 free Hydrogen generation, liquid hydrogen storage, and dispensing. 

Including patented technologies, GenH2 innovative approaches include end-to-end filling station solution to make clean hydrogen on site with zero CO2 emissions. The new clean energy economy is dependent on the development of new advanced infrastructure concepts. GenH2 is optimizing a number of these solutions while setting the highest environmental standards.

Powered in part by years of DOD and NASA Research and Development, our solutions can safely produce and store pure liquid hydrogen on site. Transportation of hydrogen costs are minimized resulting in less pollution to the environment. Our solution is smaller, more efficient, less costly to purchase and install than current commercially stations.

A Team of Energy Experts

Ongoing collaboration with a team of NASA Scientists & Engineers dedicated to this sector.

Versatile Design

Modular design features components that can be implemented in single or multiple units. 

Industry Leading Technology

NASA inspired technologies ensure Zero-Loss during hydrogen Liquefaction
& Storage

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Strategic Partnerships

Powered by our alliances with NASA, the Department of Energy (DOE), and Department of Defense (DOD).

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Meet the Executive Team

Cody Bateman
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CEO & Founder

Cody is widely recognized as a leader in the field of hydrogen production and storage. He distinguished himself early on in his career as a pioneer in the field of advanced analytical techniques.

Greg Gosnell
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Greg Gosnell has over 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions providing strategic technology and business solutions.

Rusty DiNicola
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Rusty is an Operations and Information Technology professional, his career has resulted in over twenty-five years of growing, and when called for, turning around organizations.

Susan Magi
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Susan is an accomplished marketing executive with a strong portfolio of successes with high growth companies

Dr Ali Raissi
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Ali is a thirty-seven year veteran of hydrogen research and development. His areas of expertise include hydrogen production, storage, utilization and detection; solar fuels and chemicals; and biomass energy conversion.

Dr Martha Williams
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Dr. Williams is a Polymer Scientist and Inventor. She’s worked at NASA for twenty-nine years in the development and evaluation of advanced...


Board of Directors

Jong Baik

Dr. Baik, the founder and CEO of MetaVista, is a renowned expert in cryogenic engineering and has been involved in applied cryogenic hydrogen liquefaction R&D for 25 years. During his 14-year career at the Florida Solar Energy Center as a Principal Researcher and Cryogenic Systems Manager, he oversaw design and fabrication of many cutting-edge hydrogen liquefaction and cryocooling systems for use in superconducting magnet, IR sensor cooling, and liquid hydrogen propellant management for space launch vehicles. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Baik is the recipient of 2015 Russell B. Scott Award at CEC/ICMC for the best technical application paper in small scale hydrogen liquefaction technology. 

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Paul Sandhu

Paul has been supporting startups and venture capital firms as a scientific and strategic advisor in the areas of technology disruption, energy transition and scientific development. His passion is helping scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs take their technology from patent to commercialization in the US and Asia.

As an investment consultant, Paul has supported institutional investors in US/Europe/Asia to re-engineer their investment portfolios to optimize their business strategy and financials.

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Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman is an active portfolio CTO who has been supporting and advising startups for over twenty years. In the 90’s he helped launch the digital media revolution as the technology head and 1st employee at with Mark Cuban. Since then, he pioneered and launched digital media properties and technologies, consulted for many companies, and variously served in C level roles doing business in North America, Asia & Europe. In his copious spare time, he writes science fiction novels with his son.

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Our Partners


Careers at Gen H2

If you have a passion for renewable energy, we want you to help us shape the next generation of fuel powering the world. The hydrogen economy is here now and we need energy enthusiasts to join our team.


GenH2 is a rapidly expanding with new career opportunities daily. 

Recruiting Renewable Energy Enthusiasts