Cody Bateman

CEO & Founder
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Cody is widely recognized as a leader in the field of hydrogen production and
storage. He distinguished himself early on in his career as a pioneer in the field of advanced analytical techniques. With degrees in computer science and an MBA from Duke, Cody helped to define the concept of Data Warehousing and continues to be globally recognized as one of the founders of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Data Mining.  


Cody founded Advantex Research in 1990, which focused on developing engineering solutions for various industries including oil, gas, pharmaceuticals, airlines and energy. Advantex continues to provide research and prototype development for the Department of Energy and several other government and energy-related organizations from its new corporate headquarters in New Mexico.


In 2006, Cody created Cryotek, LLC, which quickly became a leader in Cryogenic Engineering, focusing on the technological commercialization of liquid hydrogen for vehicles, drones, maritime applications, large scale storage, thermal insulation systems, and supply infrastructure. By 2012, Cryotek’s laboratory was researching and optimizing combinations of multiple technologies to create advanced cryogenic ‘systems’ in association with the Cryogenics Test Lab at Kennedy Space Center.