Dr Martha K. Williams, Ph.D.

Dr. Williams is a Polymer Scientist and Inventor. She’s worked at NASA for twenty-
nine years in the development and evaluation of advanced polymeric and composite materials and systems for meeting NASA’s spaceport and exploration technology needs. Her role at GenH2 will involve providing technical management, project management, diverse team leadership, strategic planning, technical risk management,
resource and budget planning, scheduling, and data analytics/business intelligence.

Dr. Williams served as the Lead Polymer Scientist/Principal Investigator at NASA, Kennedy Space Center. Her multiple interdisciplinary research activities focused on hydrogen sensing technologies.


Dr. Williams is a widely published author, a diverse inventor and hold many patents in hydrogen sensing materials, aerogel composites, thermal insulation materials and more. She has received numerous awards, such as an R&D 100 Top Technology award in 2014, a NASA Commercial Invention of the Year award in 2016, and an Excellence in Technology Transfer Award in 2017.

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