2021 Watermelon Thump Auction Winner

GenH2 was a proud sponsor of this year’s Annual Watermelon Thump in Luling Texas. In 1954, Hermon Allen, principal of the Luling Elementary School in Luling Texas, proposed the idea of a celebration to honor the growers and promote the Luling watermelon market. From that point on a yearly Watermelon Thump Festival has been held the last Sunday of June. Over the years numerous events and attractions have been added and the 4-day annual event now draws an estimated 30,000 visitors to a town of 5,000.

Highlights of the four-day activities include a carnival, concert/dances, food booths, beer garden with continuous live entertainment, children’s entertainment, and an exhibitor’s market. There are seed-spitting and melon eating contests, an arts and crafts exhibit, and an auction of the top melons.

This year’s top winning watermelon was 71.5 lbs. GenH2’s very own CEO Cody Bateman won the auction with his $6000 bid. All proceeds go back into the Luling community and into next year’s Watermelon Thump funds.